Sweet, charming beauty of Thai and American hybrid beauties: Modern beauty is ravishing

The final night of the Miss Thailand contest (Miss Thailand 2022) took place on the evening of February 6 and witnessed the coronation of the beautiful Manita Farmer.

Recently, the final night of Miss Thailand 2022 took place with the throne of the beautiful hybrid Manita Farmer. This result satisfied the majority of the public because she was an outstanding candidate from the beginning of the contest.

Manita Farmer is 24 years old, a Thai-American hybrid beauty, possessing extremely sweet and beautiful beauty.

She is 1m73 tall, possessing a sweet beauty. Manita Farmer is not a strange face at beauty contests. Before that, she participated in the Miss Peace Thailand 2017 pageant and won the highest at the Miss Peace Phuket contest.

The beauty graduated in media and is currently active in Thailand as a model.

With an impressive height, beautiful beauty and good foreign language skills, the new Miss Thailand 2022 is highly expected by the public to participate in cult international beauty contests this year.

The sweet hybrid beauty and knowledge of Manita Farmer is also considered to be very suitable for the Miss International playground.

Fans are looking forward to the performance of Manita Farmer in international beauty arenas this year.

It is known that the beauty Manita once weighed up to 90kg and went through a weight loss journey to attend the Miss Thailand contest. Brilliant Western beauty, skillful catwalk steps and convincing behavior are the basis for Manita to reach the prestigious crown.

Manita Farmer has a “remarkable” education, a beauty graduated with a major in Communication Arts from Bangkok International University (BUIC), Thailand. Over the years, Manita Farmer has been active in charity and social activities in Thailand. On her personal page, beautiful people often share and spread positive things.

Manita wants to spread positive energy and wants to convey the image of modern women, both beautiful and intelligent: “Because women are often taught that they have to be submissive, weak, but realistic. It’s not like that. We have to fight for love or whatever. You have to go out and help yourself. Be a strong woman in society.”

The flawless white skin, the bright smile and the beautiful eyes of the post-twenties are the plus points that attract the opposite sex.

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