11 beauties recognized by men as having the sexiest lips in the world

Take a look at the lucky stars who have extremely sexy and attractive lips.

A thick, sexy lips can conquer all lipstick colors from pale like nude to rich like acrid wine. Full, soft, plump lips of women are also one of the factors with high sex appeal.

Here are the lucky beauties who have lips like ripe and extremely sexy and outstanding shirts:

Model Rosie Huntington

Candice Swanepoel’s plump lips like ripe peaches

Rihanna’s Stimulating Lips

Adriana Lima has extremely sexy lips

Naomi Campbell’s heart-shaped lips help her conquer difficult lipstick colors

Angelina Jolie’s Legendary Lips

Model Georgia May Jagger also has gorgeous lips

Megan Fox has the 2 most attractive points, lips and eyes

Beautiful lips with every color of lipstick by Lara Stone

Anne Hathaway’s sexy thick lips

Taylor Swift’s cherry-like lips

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