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Wіtness the eрic bаttle for ѕurvival between аn аntelope аnd а сheetah іn the wіld!

The incident was recorded near the Rahlogo forest in Pilanesberg National Park (South Africa) when a herd of impala was standing drinking water near a lake when suddenly a large hunting leopard appeared and attacked the antelope herd.

Chaos immediately appeared in the antelope herd as the animals tried to run away to save their lives, but one ill-fated antelope became the prey of the cheetah.

Not easily subdued, the antelope still struggles to get out of the predator’s claws. A struggle ensues between the hunter and the prey before the prey is completely subdued and becomes the hunter’s meal.

After knocking down the antelope, two cheetahs hiding in the bushes appeared and dragged the carcass away for the whole family to enjoy a meal.

The moment of desperate struggle to find the life of the antelope was captured by Deon Hoon, a 62-year-old nature photographer. The antelope’s moment of struggling for life in front of the leopard turned into scenes as if the two animals were “dancing together”.

Deon Hoon said it was a scene that showed the rigors of the natural world and although it happened in less than a minute, Hoon said it was “the longest 58 seconds of my life”.

A series of photos of the struggle between cheetahs and antelopes recorded by Deon Hoon:

The moment the antelope jumps high to avoid the attack of the leopard

However, the leopard also reacted in time to bite the antelope’s leg

The struggle continues…

Until the antelope was pinned to the ground and completely surrendered