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Han So Hee – The beautiful, energetic and charming rose of Korea

Korean beauty Han So Hee has conquered international audiences through many roles in famous Asian films.

Possessing a charming face and sexy body, Han So Hee quickly entered the entertainment industry as a freelance model and gradually conquered the movie world.

However, her story is longer than what appears in the newspaper. Behind that beautiful, fragile appearance is a strong and tenacious woman both in film and off screen.

Han So Hee’s real name is Lee So Hee, she was born and raised in Ulsan, South Korea. She lived an uneventful life. Since childhood, the actress had to live with her grandmother due to the broken marriage of her parents. Even So Hee had to bear the burden alone so that she could take care of her grandmother and pay off her mother’s debt. It was difficult, but the young girl chose to rise up, constantly striving to have a better life.

Han So Hee, who majored in art, decided to take a turn to pursue acting at a very young age. After the winter break of her third year of high school, she went to Seoul alone. At that time, So Hee didn’t know anyone and had only 300,000 KRW in her pocket, so she received help from her grandmother for the first 2 months, and at the same time worked various part-time jobs.

According to Koreaboo, she found a job in a bar and had to work every day until the sun rose. So Hee lived like this for more than a year to be able to make ends meet.

After a long time of trying, Soo Hee’s efforts have paid off. Thanks to her pure and beautiful face, she quickly received many advertising invitations and her career also flourished from here. With a rich advertising portfolio, spanning many different fields, from cosmetics, food to video games, the beauty surnamed Han has left the first impressions in the public’s hearts.

Although entering the entertainment industry not long ago, Han Soo Hee is considered as a potential actress with a rapid growth rate.

After 5 years, she has had a spectacular transformation, from a freelance model to now a professional actress, “pocketed” quite a lot of famous movies such as Reunited Worlds, Money Flower, After The Rain… She is not afraid to try different roles, because that is a way for So Hee to improve herself when her acting is still incomplete.

Han So Hee’s efforts and self-renewal are undeniable, but in the end, she always exudes charm in both appearance and acting. Therefore, many people have fondly called her the “19+ pearl” of the entertainment industry of Kim Chi. From lackluster supporting roles, Han So Hee has now become a “bright pearl” with new films waiting for the broadcast date.

On the other hand, Han Soo Hee is also a promising name in the fashion field when being sought after by many brands. She signed a contract and became the face of many famous brands, including Lanvin, Gucci, Celine…and many other names.

According to KDramaStars, the net worth of the “pearl” has reached $ 1 million, along with the popularity that has not shown signs of cooling down. On the page on Soompi, veteran actress Kim Hee-ae once shared, “Han So Hee is very passionate about acting and her skills are fully developed. If she’s already this perfect, I wonder how far she’ll go in the future when she’s my age. I can’t even imagine it.”

Han So Hee’s efforts have been proven over time, as it pays off for her. It is not only money and fame, but also recognition from the audience and people in the world, and above all, she herself has achieved the biggest dream in her life, which is to change her fate to have get a better life.