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To marry a wife who is the “First beauty of Türkiye”, football superstar Ozil costs millions of pounds to bring back without regret.

Ozil’s wife possesses a very special beauty, a beauty described by Sabah newspaper as “unable to take my eyes off”.

Model Amine Gulse and Mesut Ozil had a wonderful wedding, costing the player many millions of pounds.

Mesut Ozil has officially confirmed that he will share a house with Swedish-born and raised supermodel and actress – Amine Gulse in 2018.

Amine Gulse is one of the most beautiful girls in Türkiye. In 2014, Gulse participated in the Miss Türkiye pageant and won the crown. Since then, her fame has become widely known, paving the way for her to become an A-list model and actress.

She represented her country at the Miss World 2014 pageant, but did not place high.

Ozil’s future wife was born in 1993, has an impressive height of 1.78 m. She has a sharp face and hot body.

Amine Gulse is of mixed blood as her father is Iraqi and mother is Turkish. Gulse was born in Goteborg (Sweden) in 1993, but then she decided to choose Turkish citizenship.

Her beauty exudes from her health and confidence. She possesses a very special beauty, a beauty described by Sabah newspaper as “unable to take your eyes off”.

To get this, beautiful people have to put in a lot of effort to stay in shape. Miss Türkiye is a follower of the gym and green lifestyle. She regularly does machine exercises, high-intensity cardio to burn fat and exercises with weights to strengthen muscles. People also see her often cycling with her husband.

Thanks to this habit, she possesses the beauty of thousands of people, including the famous player Ozil.

On this beauty’s personal page is filled with pictures of hard training and quality meals.