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The beauty like “Venus” of the 22-year-old Colombian archer: Strong but no less sweet

Valentina Acosta Giraldo born in 2000, is a Colombian professional archer. At the 2019 world youth archery tournament in Spain, Giraldo excellently won the championship.

She is the hope of the Colombian team in archery at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when she is the only female athlete of the delegation to participate in this subject.

A pretty face and a cold, attentive expression are Valentina Giraldo’s signature expressions every time she competes. She is one of many female athletes with outstanding beauty at this Olympics.

In addition to a pretty face, Valentina also has a sexy body. Each post on her personal page usually receives a lot of likes.

Valentina used to learn to swim and play ball as a child, but suddenly switched to archery after reading the Hunger Games series. “After reading the book, I became interested in archery. Many people thought it was just a trendy story, but I found my true passion,” she shared on World. Archery sport.

Giraldo won the single-string archery championship at the 2019 world youth archery tournament. Valentina also said that she cherished the dream of winning gold in the forte content right at the first Olympic Games in her archery career mine.