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Vietnamese fat girl is round and beautiful, defeating men with “thousand-pound beauty”

Wilson Nhat Anh, born in 2002, is known as the “Vietnamese-American hybrid rosebud” famous in the hot girl world thanks to her outstanding appearance.

Not only has the facial contours mixed with the perfect color line, Wilson Nhat Anh also impresses with her beauty like no other.

While the girls strive to be thin, Wilson Nhat Anh loves chubby beauty. Especially this “prosperous” look is still sexy in its own way.

Before being thin was considered the norm, people used to worship the fatness of women because it was full of life.

The paintings and statues in the Renaissance period show that women who are considered beautiful often have a voluptuous figure. The people of the Tang Dynasty – China also worshiped round beauty representing many blessings.

Wilson Nhat Anh shared, there were many people who advised her to lose weight to be more beautiful, but she affirmed: “I prefer roundness to thinness”.

Currently, she is 1m67 tall, weighs 56kg with three rounds of 95 – 68 – 96 cm, and the beauty does not mind because of the disparaging words around.

Wilson Nhat Anh does not have a strict diet but still eats everything he wants, but the menu always has a lot of green vegetables and light processed foods.

She doesn’t like to eat rice, so she only eats half a bowl each meal. This also has a positive effect to help Wilson Nhat Anh not “play generals”.