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The sweet, discreet, North African beauty of Morocco’s beauty makes everyone fall in love

Ilham was noticed by the media when she appeared on the relay stand for Morocco in the 2022 World Cup. Her charming beauty made her quickly appear in many newspapers. According to The Sun, she currently works as a real estate broker.

The beauty from North Africa always chooses discreet outfits with T-shirts and trousers, in accordance with the culture and laws of Qatar when appearing in matches. However, her attractive beauty still quickly attracted attention.

But when you follow the personal page of the Moroccan beauty, you can see that she loves hot outfits, showing off her full and strong curves.

Iham is also a brand believer when wearing many bags and dresses of top brands. Along with that, the young beauty loves to travel and also shares many pictures of herself visiting many famous places in the world.