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Close-up of the divine beauty of “Eastern Goddess” Luu Diep Phi: China’s most beautiful beauty

Liu Yifei has been associated with the title “Goddess of the East” since the 2006 film The Condor Heroes, which she co-starred with Huynh Xiaoming, was broadcast. After this movie, Liu Yifei entered the list of the most beautiful, talented and media-stricken female artists in the Chinese-language entertainment industry.

Inheriting artistic genes from her mother, who was a dancer, she wanted to become an actress since childhood. But this dream was not supported by her mother and adoptive father Tran Kim Phi. At the age of 14, Liu Yifei returned home alone, applied for the exam and entered the Beijing Film Academy (China).

With the support of his adoptive father and the companionship of his biological mother, Liu Yifei gradually asserted his position in the entertainment industry, rising to become the most famous 8X generation star in Chinese showbiz.

At the age of 19, she had the opportunity to collaborate with martial arts star Jet Li and at the age of 20, the beautiful actress joined Hollywood, standing on par with senior Zhang Ziyi. Her name also reached beyond China when Liu Yifei was cast as the female lead Mulan in Disney’s movie version of Mulan (2020).

Despite receiving special attention from the media and the public, the beautiful actress maintains a secret life. She hardly posts pictures on her personal page, the love story is also hidden by the actress. However, every time she appeared, the actress quickly caused a fever.

Liu Yifei was once criticized for his appearance when he gained weight and revealed uneven skin in some photos 2 years ago. The actress entered a journey of exercise, eating science. She quickly lost weight, returned to her delicate figure and regained her smooth skin.

Thanks to her strong appeal with fans and influence in the media, Liu Yifei is still the number one choice of brands in Asia.