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Beautiful Vietnamese beauties, famous for their brilliant beauty when they just turned 18 years old: Face like a doll

This beauty is called “Non Mango”, which is famous for her face of a Western hybrid, as beautiful as a doll, making many people think that she is a hybrid. But in fact, Non Mango has both Vietnamese parents.

She has long been famous in the online community with her “real-price” visual despite normal cams, unedited snapshots, bare face… in any situation, she’s always radiant and unremarkable. never been bad.

Recently, Non Mango has also been praised for its increasingly sharp appearance. She especially prioritizes dresses with bold cut-out designs, showing off her sexy look.

Non mango is one of the famous and beloved names today. In 2020, she married the popular streamer Xemesis and started a married life that made many people jealous and admired.

It is known that Mango Non currently has a luxurious life as a bride and groom. Young Mango and Xemesis have known each other since the end of 2018 and in February 2021, both officially announced their relationship.

However, the couple received mixed opinions due to the age gap and family background. However, Xemesis revealed that Mango Non was the first Vietnamese girlfriend that his family agreed to let him know. Xemesis herself also said that he feels lucky to love and marry a hot girl born in 2002, so he always loves and pampers her to the fullest.

The life of a bride, especially the relationship with her mother-in-law and other members of the husband’s family, has always been a topic of public interest.

In many vlogs, Non mango has revealed that her mother-in-law is pampered and cared for like her own child. In particular, she did not hesitate to post lovely moments with her mother-in-law such as traveling with her mother, going to her husband’s house to wish New Year’s Eve, or being cooked by her mother-in-law… Mom also shared, Non mango also has She went to her room to talk and confided all night.

Although it is noted for being the wife of the richest streamer in Vietnam, there are many opinions that Mango Non is a “mobile flower vase”, based solely on her husband. In fact, over time Mangoes have proven the opposite. With her personal Instagram reaching 2 million followers, just working as a KOL for brands has helped her earn a huge number in the past time. In particular, hotgirl also started a business at the age of 20 and was quite successful when she opened a restaurant chain with her husband, Xemesis.