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The sexiest female soccer player in the world: Beautiful, sexy, a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo

Striker Ana Maria Markovic – a member of the Croatian national team is considered the sexiest female player on the planet.

Ana Maria Markovic is a talented female footballer born in 1999 in Croatia. With her talent, Ana Maria Markovic was soon called up to the Croatian national team at the age of 20.

However, she also became especially famous thanks to her beautiful appearance. Ana Maria Markovic was voted by readers of 20min magazine (Germany) as the sexiest player in the world.

Off the field, Ana Markovic often appears with a feminine and sexy image. She is the face of a number of fashion and cosmetic brands in Croatia.

However, Ana Maria Markovic also has many problems with social networks. She said she had to receive a lot of rude messages and comments.

Ana Maria Markovic idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric. She affirmed that she will continue to focus on her career as a player, not encroaching on other fields.

In addition to the Croatian team, Ana Markovic currently plays for Grasshopper club (Switzerland). She has lived in Switzerland with her family since the age of 12.

Markovic’s Instagram page has 2.4 million followers. Most of it came after she was called the sexiest female player on the planet by the international media.

Recently, this beauty announced the bad news when she suffered a serious knee injury and had to be away from the field for a long time. She received many words of comfort from the fans.

Although her career has not been sublimated, she always receives special attention from fans, especially men.