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7 sexy icons of the 21st century Kpop industry: Everyone is a “Goddess” of millions of fans

Let’s take a look at 7 names that make people admire that they are the sexy icons of Kpop in the 21st century.

In order to never become boring in the eyes of the public, Kpop idols always experiment with different concepts, from cute and sweet to girlcrush. However, the concept that always brings more challenges to idols, especially with flowers of Kpop, is a mature sexy concept.

In Korea, female K-pop idols must always be careful when pursuing the seductive concept because there is always a fine line between sexy and repulsive. Of course, wearing costumes that show off the beauty of the body is not lacking, but it needs to be decorated in moderation, especially based on the charming aura from the charisma and the ability to perform on stage.

Let’s take a look at 7 names that make people admire that they are the sexy icons of Kpop in the 21st century.

1. Lee Hyori

When it comes to Korean sexy symbols, 9 out of 10 Koreans will immediately mention Lee Hyori’s name (born in 1979). She not only had a typical career with the legendary girl group Fin.K.L but also exploded even more when she left the group.

2003 was dubbed the ‘Year of Hyori’ when she made her solo debut and became the focus of the media, becoming a sexy symbol that was warmly received by the public.

She has a perfect appearance with healthy dark skin, attractive body proportions and a slim waist. Thanks to her hot looks, she has been invited to represent countless famous brands as well as on the covers of magazines.

In 2011, Lee Hyori was also named at number 9 in the Top 100 Sexiest Women on the Planet according to top100sexiestwomen.

2. HyunA

If the first generation of Kpop idols had Lee Hyori, the second generation also found a famous sexy symbol – that is HyunA (born in 1992).

She is associated with a hot image, praised by the media as the ‘new generation sexy queen’ of the entertainment industry. In 2010, HyunA made her solo debut with the image of “burning eyes” when she was only 17 years old, something that not all female Kpop idols dare to choose.

HyunA’s charm is not only due to her bold cut-out outfit choices, but also because of her hot body and extreme mastery on stage. Many times, she caused controversy because of her act of taking off her outerwear and showing off her underwear when performing, but many netizens admitted that later on, there were still no new female idols who were strong enough to overcome. HyunA’s natural sexy.

3. Gain

The younger generation often doesn’t mention Gain (born in 1987), but the previous generation K-pop fans all have to nod their heads to recognize her as one of the sexy icons of Kpop for more than a decade.

Along with the explosion of hits ‘Abracada’ and ‘Sign’ with Brown Eyed Girls, Gain also caused a fever with her charismatic and charismatic image with ghostly monolids.

She does not possess the strength of height, but she always knows how to honor her body curves with tight outfits and hot performance style.

However, because of her private life scandals, her career also plummeted, and many Korean netizens also gradually forgot about Gain when it came to bold sexy style.

4. Hyolyn

It is not by chance that Sistar is known as the ‘summer queen’ when, in addition to the typical summer hits, all 4 members have a strong and hot body.

In particular, Hyolyn (born in 1990) is the most famous member when she can break Korean beauty stereotypes: She has eye-catching honey skin, impressive tattoos and a fiery body that reminds Western beauties. In addition, thanks to her outstanding singing skills and diva aura, she is also called the ‘Beyonce of Kpop’.

Although Sistar is now disbanded, Hyolyn has still achieved certain successes when going solo thanks to her distinctive voice and sexy image.

5. Seolhyun (AOA)

The 3rd generation of Kpop has witnessed a softer concept of sexy – the boldness of showing off skin has been limited, instead female idols still subtly show off their sexy bodies by wearing costumes. fit and towards youthful and healthy.

The most typical for this case is Seolhyun (AOA member, born in 1995) – one of the beauties who owns the standard body of kimchi.

Not only possessing outstanding doll beauty, she also has a ratio of 3 eye-catching rings and a height of approximately 1m70. No need to wear cut-out outfits, Seolhyun often chooses a crop top to reveal her ant waist and shorts that show off her long straight legs.

6. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Among the candidates for the title of ‘new generation Kpop sexy icon’, Hwasa (MAMAMOO member, born in 1995) is a very typical name.

She also broke the stereotype of Korean beauty when possessing healthy brown skin and a hot hourglass body. Hwasa also possesses a European and American aura and seductive performance, so she is not afraid to wear outfits that show off her first and third breasts, “burning the eyes” of the viewer, always showing confidence when showing off her sexiness. own feelings.

This is a rare case when a new generation female idol can be so boldly sexy, so Hwasa has many times made Korean netizens argue that she is ‘sexy’ or ‘offensive’.

7. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

If it was a few years ago, Jennie (BLACKPINK member, born in 1996) certainly could not appear in the list of new generation female idols who represent a sexy style. However, the current Capricorn female star is definitely an indispensable name as she has ‘stepped out of her comfort zone’ and pursued a more daring charm.

Owning a very Western face and top-notch aura, Jennie now cleverly shows off her enviable figure with the highlight of the ant waist when she works hard in crop tops, sports bras, mini-skirts…

Especially every time she goes to the West, or when she represents the Calvin Klein brand, It Girl causes storms with hot photos that make viewers unable to take their eyes off.