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Emilia Clarke – From the newly blooming rose of the land of fog to the powerful “Mother of Dragons”

In the eyes of men, despite her modest height: 1.57m, Emilia Clarke is the most desired beauty on the planet according to the results of the polls from Askmen.

Emerging from her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, British actress Emilia Clarke was later nominated for an Emmy’s award and became one of the brightest faces in the world. price belongs to the new generation of world cinema.

On the big screen, she plays the heroine Sarah Connor in the latest installment of Terminator called Terminator Genisys. Whether appearing on the red carpet or on the street, Emilia’s dreamy beauty in sad eyes, plump lips, calm demeanor and slim figure always makes people nostalgic to look at.

Few people know that Emilia is not only extremely tight-lipped in love relationships, but also a lady with a sharp sense of humor!

She knows how to make herself stand out – from the very first days she stepped on the red carpet – with a simple but luxurious and sophisticated style of dress.

Let’s admire some pictures of “Mother Dragon”!