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6 Instagram accounts of the hottest American girls in the world

The following super-beautiful American girls will make you admire and enjoy.

Instagram is a place where you can freely search for beautiful images, everyday photos of famous people. In particular, it is also a place for hot “Instagram Hotgirls” to compete for color.

This article would like to introduce readers to 7 Instagram accounts of attractive American girls who are currently popular on social networks.

1. Amanda Cerny (IG: amandacerny)

For those who regularly follow social networks, especially Instagram, no one is unaware of Amanda Cerny. Armanda is currently a hot Vloggers who are very popular today with sexy and funny videos.

Amanda Cerny was born in 1991, used to be a model, TV presenter. Currently, the Instagram account has 22 million followers. She is also known as a hot “vine star” with a fiery body and healthy tan.

Amanda’s humorous vblogs have earned her a huge fanbase on social networking sites. She was also once rated by ELLE magazine as having a classic beauty with perfect lines.

2. Celine Farach (IG:celinefarach)

In the past, the online community has once waved with “The hottest girl on social networks”, “Hot girl 23 seconds”, which are nicknames that Celine Farach is given to her by fans.

Celine Farach was born in 1997, currently she is a bright model of Wilhelmina management company in Miami, USA. She has an admirable sexy body. Celine is not only loved in the modeling field, but she is also known for her good singing and composing abilities.

Last year, she released her first musical work that received much attention from international fans.

Her Instagram account has gained 1.1 million followers and she is becoming more and more popular in the online community.

3. Hannah Stocking (IG:hannahstocking)

Hannah Stocking is known to the Instagram community for her super “muddy” vlogs with her famous best friend, Lele Pons.

In addition, she is also a photo model working in Los Angeles, USA.

Currently, her number of followers on Instagram account has nearly 14 million. That’s not a small number, is it?

4. Inanna Sarkis (IG:inannasarkis)

Inanna (born 1993) is an Armenian actress and singer of Polish descent. She gained a lot of attention with her videos on her Youtube channel. Inanna is part of Shots Studios, a digital entertainment company that produces content for her YouTube videos.

In addition, she and Hannah Stocking often appear together in vlogs with Lele Pons. In 2017, Inanna was voted by Paper magazine as one of the young stars pursuing an entertainment career outside of the most popular media.

In April 2019, she will play the role of “Molly” in the romantic movie titled “After” adapted from the novel by Anna Todd.

5. Loren Gray Beech (IG:loren)

Loren Gray Beech, also known as Loren Gray for short, is an extremely popular “Hot teen” Instagram girl.

Although she is young, she already possesses an attractive young woman body that is in stark contrast to her “baby” beauty.

She is known as an American “living doll” and is famous for her lip-syncing talent on the app. Her following on Instagram account has grown to 13.3 million.

6. Molly O’malia (IG: mollyomalia)

Molly O’malia is famous as an American high school student, she is famous for having a “no dead corner” beauty.

She possesses a charming beauty with a high nose, attractive gray-blue eyes, sexy lips and platinum hair.

The online community also likened her to an “Instagram goddess”. The pictures Molly posted on the social networking site Instagram have received a lot of likes and positive comments from the online community. Her followers are not inferior to any famous actress and singer with more than 460 thousand followers (August 2018) although she has never shown any special talent.