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Chiara Bordi – a beauty with a disability contributes to changing women’s beauty standards

Current job before participating in the Miss Italia 2018 pageant, Chiara Bordi is a bionic mordel (model with a body defect and replaced by a mechanical artificial part).

Crowned as the 2nd runner-up in the Miss Italia 2018 pageant when she was only 18 years old, what made Chiara Bordi so special and her name known globally because she contributed to changing the world. The majority’s view of the beauty of a woman’s body when she has an incomplete body.

Chiara Bordi at Miss Italia 2018 (third from left)

When she was just 13 years old, Chiara Bordi had a motorcycle accident that caused her body to lose a leg, which was a huge psychological shock for a young girl who was still in her early teens, making her want to find to death for deliverance.

Overcoming everything thanks to her own will and the love of her family, Chiara Bordi proved to the world that her efforts have paid off when she passed more than 30 contestants at the contest. beauty Miss Italia 2018.

Besides, thanks to this title, this 18-year-old girl spoke out strongly against the issue of cyberbullying, which she was also a victim of when many malicious comments said a “lame girl” receiving the title of runner-up, which is just a PR stunt of the organizer.

Although she suffered a lot of scorn because of her appearance, Chiara Bordi is still optimistic, she only looks at the good things in life and the love of people around.

She shared: “I can say that I feel my change, I feel stronger, more courageous. I always say “I hope” my message reaches as many people as possible, and today, the day after the finale, I feel really good about myself because I really did it, and these are the words that I want to convey to the messages that people send to me, from the encouragement, I thank you so much for always giving me more than one reason to always be. optimism in life”.

After the contest, she also shared that: “I don’t care too much about winning or losing, but I want to let the world know that life is still beautiful even if you go through a painful period.”

Chiara admitted that the accident happened when she was only 13 years old, too early to accept the loss of her body, making her feel guilty, guilty about herself and even wish she had die. But in the end, thanks to the help and encouragement of relatives and motivation from herself, Chiara Bordi returned to a normal life with her favorite sports such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, etc.

Current job before participating in the Miss Italia 2018 pageant, Chiara Bordi is a bionic mordel (model with a body defect and replaced by a mechanical artificial part), she is also often invite you to attend and share your experiences in talks at schools.

Chiara Bordi’s coronation is a big move of beauty contests in challenging traditional beauty standards, promoting the diversity of beauty and body when she is the first contestant in the contest. history of prosthetics.

She emphasizes that the diversity of body shapes is a beauty that can cope with the deeply entrenched notions of money thinking, prejudices that limit only these types of people to being beautiful and others. otherwise did not and made those people feel guilty. She hopes her entry will encourage women of different body shapes to participate.

Not only that, Chiara Bordi also takes weakness into strength, she believes that people with disabilities or accidents should not be self-deprecating but consider prosthetics as an embellishment for the body, a statement. strong language and personality of fashion.