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Top 10 most beautiful, hot and talented female tattoo artists in the world

Tattoo art is no longer a mecca for men, but women are gradually asserting their voices in this playground.

Not only are they hot and beautiful, but they also possess a talent that is not inferior to men. Invite readers to admire the hot and talented female tattoo artists in the world today!

1. Mirae, South Korea

Mirae’s passion for tattooing stems from her love of fashion design. Passion for painting brought Mirae’s way to tattoo, and also helped her express a style statement with her own substance.

Mirae’s Instagram not only attracts attention thanks to her “quality” tattoos but also because of her beautiful, dynamic appearance and “trendy” style that is no less than professional fashionistas.

She has collaborated with many famous fashion magazines such as ELLE Korea, DAZED Korea, Hypebeast… or worked with famous brands like Nike.

2. Yoko (Baek Songbin), Hàn Quốc

Yoko exudes a hot, sexy but also very thorny look with strong tattoos stretching on sexy curves.

For her, Tattoo art is not only limited to ink or skin, but also creative and elaborate photo shoots conceived by Yoko herself.

Yoko owns many different styles, from sexy, seductive to cute and sweet, especially Yoko’s hot beauty makes many people dazed.

3. Jess Chen, Canada

Before becoming the famous female tattoo artist she is today, Jess Chen pursued a graphic design job in Toronto for 2 years.

After that, the relationship between Jess Chen and the art of Tattoo blossomed at Seven Eight Tattoo – one of the most famous tattoo shops in Toronto, Canada.

This place has become a solid launching pad for her to ignite her passion as well as to further study the expertise and methods of tattoo art.

Her work has a soft, airy style that is most expressed through floral designs, along with elegant, simple but impressive geometric drawings.

4. Blum, France

Blum is a French female tattooist who works at Prisme Tattoo and is trained by Rémy – the founder of the studio.

Coming to the art of Tattoo, she brings a subtle vision when she wants to honor the seductive beauty of a woman’s body through tattoos.

Because of that, most of Blum’s works tend to favor floral motifs. They are sketched like chandeliers using a dot-work technique, which requires diligence and meticulousness on the part of the artist.

5. Helen Hitori, Russia

Helen Hitori’s passion for tattoos is influenced by her parents as well as her childhood life. From an early age, Helen Hitori was exposed to a wide variety of art books, ornaments and embroidered fabrics. In addition, she also regularly goes to concerts or travels abroad, where she meets many people with tattoos.

Before becoming a female tattooist, she worked as a photographer and stylist for a tattoo studio. During that time, Helen learned and interacted with many professional tattoo artists. She gradually realized her love for this art.

When asked about her signature tattoo style, Helen shared: “I love lines, especially thick and clear lines. I usually use black as the background for the tattoo, so that the overall composition will achieve the desired contrast.”

Indeed, Helen’s works often focus on dark colors, bringing with them an element of fantasy; but still very angular, sharp with a strange charm.

6. Diamante, Italy

As a female tattooist from Italy, Diamante spends most of her time traveling in different countries and experiencing different cultures.

Diamante’s tattoo hides a bold, strong charm but at the same time elegant and sophisticated. They are presented in many different styles, such as blackwork, ornamental or geometric motifs.

Diamante said that she herself pursues this subject because of her pure love for art and she does not accept the “commercial” aspect of tattoos.

Therefore, she often designs by herself, chats directly with clients, pursues positive vibes with them and uses that as the greatest inspiration to create tattoos.

7. Ryan Ashley DiCristina, USA

Ryan Ashley is an American female tattooist living and working in Kingston, Pennsylvania. She became known to many people after winning the “Ink Master” contest organized by Paramount Network.

Currently, Ryan Ashley and her husband Arlo run a tattoo studio called Elysium Studios and work with 10 other tattoo artists.

8. Ghinko, USA

The dream of becoming a tattoo artist was rekindled in Ghinko since she was still in school. However, until the summer of 2017, the relationship between Ghinko and the art of Tattoo officially blossomed.

She works at West 4 Tattoo as a receptionist, but in reality, Ghinko has the opportunity to design tattoos by artists in Photoshop software.

During that time, Ghinko not only found herself enamored with tattoos, but was also drawn to the stories behind them. This has greatly influenced Ghinko’s working style. Each work that she creates always carries a beautiful emotion, meticulously carved by Ghinko and conveyed through her ink strokes.

9. Nini, Korea

“I am a person who likes to collect memories, so I decided to keep them on my body” – Nini shared about the biggest reason why she pursued the art of tattooing.

Each tattoo on her body is a reminder of specific moments in her life. For example, the fact that Nini “pinned” an ex-boyfriend’s name on his arm after he passed away.

The delicate patterns, large and small, are interwoven, covering Nini’s slender, lovely body, exuding a thorny, strong but also very “poetic” aura.

10. Zihwa, South Korea

Referring to beautiful female tattoo artists, it is impossible not to mention Zihwa – a talented tattoo artist from Korea.

Zihwa’s name is famous all over the world thanks to delicate, flying but no less sophisticated tattoos with endless inspiration from nature and animals.

In addition to the artwork, Zihwa also “hearts” fans with hot and sexy images on her personal Instagram page with more than 500k followers.