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The Brazilian Vlogger has a beautiful beauty: I want to get lost in those blue eyes!

What makes it hard for you to take your eyes off a pretty girl? Some people like the hair, some are fascinated by the divine angle, some people notice the first lips, and there are also people who are bewildered all day because of one eye.

A girl with deep beautiful eyes, sparkling like a fairy character will surely make people watch. If you are looking for such a girl, follow this girl named Bianca Cristie now and go!

Bianca Cristie is a vlogger and model from Brazil. The information about Cristie is quite meager, but not because of that, her follower has decreased. Currently, Cristie’s personal page has 130k followers, the number of subscribers on the Youtube channel has also reached more than 42k.

Cristie often does vlogs about daily life, not too new but still attracting many viewers, the main reason is probably because this vlogger is so beautiful!

Cristie exudes charm, a bit wild in the standard South American girl. Her face looks very harmonious, from the high bridge of the nose, the pouty lips to the white skin. In addition, Cristie also has an extremely sexy body with three standard measurements.

However, the thing that really impresses the most about her is her beautiful eyes. Deep, dreamy and deep blue, Cristie’s eyes remind people of mythical characters. Cristie’s eyes give the feeling that just looking into them, you won’t be able to get out, but you’re still willing to get lost in it.

Let’s soak up some more everyday pictures of this beautiful girl!