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The appearance of a new “Nordic goddess” that is so beautiful causes fever in many countries: Pure, holy

Among a series of Japanese models in particular and Asia in general with typical Asian beauty, the appearance of Lili (full name: Lili Johansson) is like a strange wind in the fashion world in Tokyo.

Currently, she is working freely in the Japanese model village and attracts attention with her artistic photos on Instagram with nearly 35,000 followers.

In particular, the moments when Lili poses with nature are likened to a fairy, making it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off. In addition, her beautiful and pure beauty is also praised by netizens.

This Nordic beauty owns deep blue eyes, sexy curved lips, high nose, shiny blonde hair and porcelain white skin. She possesses a beauty like the goddesses in myths.

Lili’s goddess-like aura helped her to be invited to model for many vintage fashion brands. The model’s fashion style is more about femininity, grace, not too much into a sexy image.

Besides, slim body but three standard rounds is also Lili’s strength. She can confidently take bikini photos or in tight outfits, showing off her sexy curves.

In everyday life, the 1.7m-tall beauty prefers a feminine style of dress and enhances her elegant figure. She likes to practice yoga to improve her health. Many people expect Lili to make a further breakthrough in this fashion market. Because her difference has helped her model more special.