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The wonder-like beauty of Middle Eastern women through Princess Jasmine of “Aladdin”

Princess Jasmine in the blockbuster “Aladdin” by “hybrid rose” Naomi Scott. The beautiful singer was born in 1993, is a hybrid of British and Indian blood. Her mother is a Congolese with Indian roots, and her father is a British national. Therefore, in Naomi, there is a very attractive European-Asian hybrid beauty.

Right from her debut, Naomi Scott has received a rain of compliments for her true Middle Eastern beauty. The large round eyes, full sexy lips are commented to be quite similar to the original comics and cartoons.

Naomi Scott’s magical beauty in the super product “Aladdin” makes people unable to take their eyes off.

Until now, very few people know about the mysterious beauty of Middle Eastern women. Because they often wear a veil to cover their face, leaving only their eyes, it is difficult to know the face clearly. However, from the blockbuster “Aladdin”, the public was surprised by the magical beauty of Princess Jasmine. An edgy, seductive and vibrant look represents the image of Middle Eastern women.

Everyone realizes, the most attractive point in the beauty of the Middle East is the eyes. Charming eyes and black eyeliner create a distinctive feature of Middle Eastern women. In this place, from ancient to present, there is a cosmetic used to adorn the eyes with the name “khol”. Middle Eastern women apply this product around their eyes to avoid damage from the sun’s rays. This is also a beauty tip to make the “window of the soul” more attractive.

Rose water is an indispensable product in the cosmetic fortune of Middle Eastern women. In addition to the effect of softening the skin, rose water also brightens and firms the skin.

Middle Eastern women are not enamored with beauty products that contain a lot of chemical ingredients. For them, a natural product close to the kitchen is a valuable ingredient. Masks made from turmeric are part of the traditional beauty routine of Middle Eastern women.

Middle Eastern women are famous for their thick black hair. They often use canola oil and almond oil for scalp massage and hair conditioner.

This oil is considered a traditional beauty secret of Middle Eastern women to stimulate long and strong hair growth. Canola oil contains selenium, omega-3, protein, fatty acids that help nourish hair from the inside out.