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The hot look, which is the standard feature of the multi-talented Spanish model that makes many people admire

Possessing an impressive hybrid beauty, with a height of 1m75, Andrea Aybar used to be very expensive to show in the model village.

Andrea Aybar was born in 1995 with the familiar name An Tay. She has Spanish nationality and works as a model and actress in Vietnam.

With a hybrid face with the advantage of height and beautiful body, Andrea Aybar participated in taking pictures quite early. She used to have a very expensive time with advertising shows, photo shoots, photo models.

However, after a while of being entangled in a love scandal, Andrea Aybar was almost hidden from showbiz. About 2 years ago, Andrea Aybar appeared and worked again. In 2020, An appeared in the TV series Balanha Inn.

Hispanic long legs own a personal page with nearly 500 thousand followers. Recently, she actively posted pictures of returning to the fashion catwalk, receiving many positive compliments from fans.

Andrea Aybar has a beautiful western face with big eyes, small high nose and white skin. In addition to the advantage of the face, Andrea Aybar also has a standard body. She often posts bikini photos showing off her slim waist, flat belly and sexy bust on her personal page.

To keep fit, Andrea Aybar also regularly exercises and eats scientifically.

Currently, the model born in 1995 is living and working in Vietnam. In addition to modeling, she also has a business.