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The bald beauty caused controversy when she was crowned Miss: Beauty beyond the usual standards of beauty

Beauty Maeya Sunsun was crowned Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023 in the final night of March 11th. She has a beauty that is said to be beyond the usual standards of beauty.

On the evening of March 11, the final night of the Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023 contest was held in Thailand with the enthronement of transgender beauty Maeya Sunsun.

The fact that she was crowned the highest position after many beauty contests is attracting the attention of the media, the audience in Thailand and the world.

Maeya Sunsun is a transgender beauty with a different appearance. She shaves her head and often wears heavy makeup whenever she appears. In Thailand, Maeya Sunsun is considered a “copy” of Happy Polla – a once-famous internet phenomenon.

On beauty forums, the audience hotly debated about Maeya Sunsun’s crowning Miss. Many people criticized her appearance, while many viewers said that Maeya Sunsun met the contest criteria, so her coronation was deserved.

Whenever attending events, Maeya Sunsun often wears a wig. Her beauty is different, but she is considered to have created her own style and imprint.

Maeya Sunsun has a personal page with nearly 300,000 followers. On social networks, Maeya Sunsun is considered a humorous, energetic beauty who brings laughter to the audience with her unique performances.

Miss Fabulous Thailand is an open beauty arena for transgender people with the desire to help them express their personality and confidence in life. This contest is seen as an opportunity to prove themselves by transgender people like Maeya Sunsun.

The fact that Maeya Sunsun was crowned this year’s contest was enthusiastically responded by the LGBT community in Thailand. She is seen as a source of positive inspiration about always loving yourself and striving to become the best version of yourself.

In the final night, Maeya Sunsun had an impressive and professional performance not inferior to other contestants. She also has a much-appreciated demeanor, demonstrating her intelligence and grace.

Today’s beauty pageants are said to be increasingly open to transgender people. Even popular beauty contests like Miss Universe also accept transgender women to register to attend.

Thailand is known as a country open to the LGBT community with many beauty playgrounds for transgender people. Transgender people in Thailand are believed to have many opportunities and playgrounds to express themselves and live true to their true selves.

With the coronation of Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023, Maeya Sunsun will win the right to represent Thailand to attend Miss Fabulous International 2023 to be held in Thailand. This is a new beauty contest owned by Thai people. Maeya Sunsun is said to bring a breath of fresh air to this year’s competition.