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The girl ‘rich kid’ was dubbed the “first beauty of Spain”: Too beautiful and rich

Alicia Faubel was crowned Miss Universe Spain 2022.

The final night of Miss Universe Spain 2022 took place with the enthronement of the beautiful Alicia Faubel. The new Miss is 25 years old, has an impressive height of 1m78 and is extremely hot and sexy.

Immediately after the coronation, the beauty of the new Miss received the attention of the online community. Many compliments have been given to Alicia Faubel’s beautiful, seductive appearance.

Besides, the family of the beautiful woman also became the topic of discussion among netizens. It is known that Alicia Faubel was born into a rich family and is a genuine Rich Kid.

Alicia Faubel was born into the wealthy Faubel family of Spain. Having parents from the upper class, from a young age, the beauty was able to study in England.

Despite her young age, Alicia Faubel already owns a series of supercars, even real estate in Dubai. The beauty has traveled to more than 20 European countries, besides the US and the Middle East…Alicia Faubel is fluent in English, French and Spanish.