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Fascinated with the hottest Brazilian long-legged girl with a charming beauty

This hot supermodel is the prominent face of the Brazilian version of Playboy magazine, Cintia often shows off her sexy curves in this magazine. She always attracts attention with sexy photo shoots.

The beauty spends a lot of time in the day taking care of her body and beauty. She always works hard to exercise to maintain a standard figure.

Cintia is also a swimmer and has a special passion for running. She advises women to cherish their bodies because they not only maintain their beauty but also exercise their health every day.

The beauty is also a follower of gentle yoga. She often practices yoga every day before going to bed.

Regarding nutrition, Cintia always tries to balance starch and protein so that the body does not get tired.

She often uses rye bread, yogurt and cereals in her menu. Cintia also revealed that she often uses nuts to snack during the day. Cintia is also a fan of vegetarian foods and maintains a regular vegetable diet.

According to this hot peach, green vegetables and fruits are valuable food sources that help the body fight aging. The beauty also used more salads with avocado.

Cintia revealed that beautiful people often use honey at the end of the day to keep the body full of minerals. The beauty also loves sunbathing to help her skin stay healthy and firm.

Currently Cintia is an Instagram star and has a large following.

She also advises women to go to a spa to take care of their beauty if they can afford it. Beauty believes that beauty is a way to help the spirit to be comfortable and youthful. With Cintia, the most effective anti-aging secret is to stay optimistic and relaxed.