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The ranking of the country with the most attractive beauty on the planet: No. 1 is very surprising

The ranking with AI images representing the beauty of each country was announced, causing many heated debates.

British swimwear and lingerie brand Pour Moi recently announced the ranking of “The most attractive country in the world”. The ranking was created from analyzing thousands of Reddit posts about the beauty of the people of the countries.

Scores are then ranked based on the number of posts, comments, and upvotes. Despite being a small-scale survey, this ranking has attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

The country where the people have the most beautiful and attractive beauty belongs to India. This is followed by the United States, Sweden and Japan. At the same time, Pour Moi also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create the “most attractive faces” representing the 12 countries in the top.





The top 10 countries with the most attractive beauties in the world are India, USA, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Ukraine and Denmark. In the list of 50 leading countries announced, Vietnam ranked 36th.

Besides, Pour Moi also announced the rankings for the male and female categories separately. India continues to lead the list of women.

“Thanks to the success of Bollywood movies, the image of Indian women in gorgeous dresses, make-up and hairdos is remembered worldwide. It’s easy to see why Indian women are so attractive in the eyes of the world. the majority,” the ranking reads. Behind India are Japan, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Israel and the United States.

How AI visualizes the most representative beauty for each country

According to Pour Moi, the remaining 2 names in the top 3 women, Japan and Sweden, all have unique looks: “Japanese women often have an extremely clean appearance that makes the fashion world around the world jealous. envy, while Swedish women are often remembered for their minimalist looks, paired with instantly recognizable blonde hair.”

Leading the ranking of the most “handsome” countries in the world is the United Kingdom, followed by India, Italy, the United States, Sweden, Japan, France, Ireland, Belgium and Brazil.

England only ranked 12th in the overall group but the British men took the lead in the men’s group

As for the male part, Pour Moi thinks that the British are at the top probably because netizens are obsessed with the historical drama “Pride and Prejudice” or the current famous handsome stars. .