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The unreal beauty of the “European fairy” makes you feel lost in a fairyland

Marina Bondarko is a beautiful young model with the face of an angel from Belarus.

As an anonymous young model in her homeland, her fairy face helps her to be hot in Asian countries.

Currently, she is an advertising model for many fashion and cosmetic products in Korea.

Bondarko owns a beautiful face, attractive body and smooth skin. She is likened to a beauty in a picture or a real angel.

The beauty that is not It girl is famous on MXH. She has less than 200,000 followers.

Bondarko represents the wave of young, beautiful women from Eastern Europe flooding into Asia. It is called the “East European beauty wave”.

The beauty of Eastern Europe can easily make people flutter because of its picturesque features. Marina has a thin, slender frame, but a full bust.

Beautiful people often go swimming to have a sexy body. Delicate lines, smooth skin, Marina suits any makeup layout.

Her body “with skin and flesh”, not skinny and boneless, is also suitable for the new beauty standards in Asia.

Marina with typical European beauty, although not famous at home, but famous in Asia