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Vietnamese beauties dress boldly to take pictures underwater, as beautiful as a mermaid in a fairy tale

Viet Hoa was born in 1996, a Vietnamese, is a young actress known by many audiences when acting in the movie The girl of the house, The taste of friendship, Returning between love…

She graduated from the Theater and Film Acting class of Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. Currently, in addition to acting in dramas, she is also an actress at the Hanoi Drama Theater. In real life, she is impressed by her beautiful face, delicate lines, bold Asian character.

Viet Hoa is considered the actress with the sexiest appearance on the small screen. As a result, she is often invited to take on roles with a fierce, formidable, and scheming character. Not only that, but she confidently took on 18 scenes with natural and realistic acting, leaving a strong impression on viewers.

Different from the bold image on the film, in real life, the actress has a safe, discreet, gentle fashion style, favoring a feminine style. So in order to transform into the character, Viet Hoa knows that she had to “go hard” and mold herself a lot. In particular, she also has meticulous preparation, taking care of her appearance, makeup, and dressing style to suit the role.

Recently, the beauty attracted attention when posting pictures of bikinis taken under water, showing her bust, as seductive as a mermaid stepping out in real life.

Besides, Viet Hoa also received many compliments for being sexy and unobtrusive thanks to the delicate shooting angle to highlight the feminine curves in the semi-closed and half-open shoots.