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Russian hotgirl is known as “cold princess”: Haughty, luxurious beauty

Yung Dari (born in 1997) is praised by many netizens around the world for her beautiful appearance.

Yung Dari is a famous hot girl in Russia. The pictures of the girl born in 1997 received the attention of the world’s netizens. Most of the comments under the posts are praising Yung Dari’s beauty.

Gemini girl is currently a fashion model, hot face social network with 269,000 followers on her personal page.

The harmonious face with clear blue eyes and delicate high nose is the highlight that creates the attraction of the hot girl of birch.

With a cold expression in most of the photos, Yung Dari is nicknamed “cold princess” by netizens. “Oh, my heart is out of rhythm”, “Beauty full of temperament” … are the compliments the followers send to the hot girl.

On the CELEBS TREND NOW page, Yung Dari is ranked among the most famous people.

In 2018, ranked 9X in the top 8 Russian Influencers with the most “cool” style worth following.

Yung Dari has a boyfriend Sasha Trautvein – a famous model with a “Wake up” tattoo on his face. The two often post romantic and close pictures together and attend many fashion events together.