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The sexy, mysterious beauty of the “first beauty of Iran” is likened to the story “One Thousand and One Nights”

Mahlagha Jaberi, an Iranian-born model, is praised by fashion magazines for her attractive figure and fashion style.

Mahlagha Jaberi was born in 1989, is a famous Iranian model in the US. She has a typical Middle Eastern beauty such as a high nose, large eyes and strong wheat-colored skin.

34-year-old beauty Mahlagha Jaberi has an hourglass figure with 3 perfect rings. She likes to wear outfits that show off her sexy and sexy body.

Mahlagha Jaberi possesses an extremely standard body and perfect body proportions. She wore a sophisticated metal mesh outfit showing off her goddess-like beauty.

The 8X model favored a deep-cut dress showing off her blooming, sexy bust attracting all eyes.

In order to have a perfect body like other models, Jaberi is very diligent in dieting and exercising.

Jaberi rarely eats high-calorie foods, her diet is mainly light and high in protein, so she easily owns the beauty of thousands of people.

Jaberi received a large number of followers on social networks of fans. She always appears with a luxurious, elegant and sexy image in the designs of thigh splits, bust cups…

Jaberi’s beauty was once compared to the mystery of the story of the Thousand and One Nights.

A beautiful face without dead corners makes Jaberi expensive for photo shows, advertising, and events. She appeared in many international magazines.

Mahlagha Jaberi currently lives in San Diego, California. This beauty is Iran’s top model, many times voted by the audience as one of the most beautiful Iranian-born female stars.

The beauty shared, she is an independent type of woman and believes that women do not necessarily seek enjoyment only through love or marriage.