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“The hottest fat girl in the Philippines” conquers half of the world by her beautiful round appearance

Shaine Rizelle Macela was born in 1995, is a Filipino hot tiktoker with 1.6 million fans on her personal page. She has a beautiful, round face, with a chubby body.

Currently, she is a model on the catwalk, PG for car brands, events, TV show actress, …

Despite having a “prosperous” figure, Shaine received many compliments for her features. Not only that, she is also classified as “peach hips” thanks to her beautiful, well-developed hip skeleton.

Hot tiktoker Philippines belongs to the “peach hip society” conquering millions of people by its plump and beautiful beauty.

Shaine Rizelle Macela has been close to sexy dance for many years. On her personal page, she often posts clips of engaging and extremely skillful dance moves.

Many people think that oversized models do not need to exercise, but that is not the case. Because they have a round figure and also have more fat than the average person, they still need to maintain a regular exercise routine, not to lose weight but to help their body become firmer, and at the same time help them maintain a healthy weight. for sharp body curves.

Despite having a chubby body, oversized models like Shaine still have to ensure that the measurement of the second round is smaller than the first and third round to be able to dress well in big size clothes.

Therefore, Shaine still has to maintain a regular daily practice routine.

Possessing a round body “coincidentally”, but when wearing body-hugging clothes, Shaine is still praised for exuding a beauty full of vitality.

And sexy dance completely meets this. The movements that Shaine practice often have the most impact on the waist, forcing the abdomen to work at maximum capacity, helping to tighten the abdominal muscles.

In addition, unlike gym and yoga, sexy dance needs the practitioner to have confidence to perform movements that are more daring than usual, in a strong and decisive way. This also helps Shaine to fully promote her physical charm.

Not only do you show it with your body language, but you also need to convey your emotions through your eyes, making the girls get rid of their shyness and be confident that they really stand out from the crowd.

In addition to sexy dance, Shaine also does some cardio exercises such as climbing stairs, jogging with a machine combined with a nutritious diet. Her favorite dishes are salads, fruits, seafood, and sushi.