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The beautiful American twin angel with a “super virtual” waist makes many women admire

This American twin sister is famous throughout the social network thanks to the super “virtual” waist that is hard for any girl to have.

American twin sisters Anastasia and Alexandria are known through photo social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Anastasia and Alexandria from California are known as twin angels because of their beautiful appearance and ideal body.

Anastasia has a delicate face with a slim body, especially an unbelievable waist.

In some photos, Anastasia revealed her thin body to the point of rib cage.

Thanks to her slim body, the sexy collarbone of the beautiful country can be clearly seen.

However, there are also opinions that she is too thin and this is not good for health.

Alexandria also has a slim figure just like her twin sister. Alexandria’s hourglass body is the dream of many girls.

Compared to Anastasia, Alexandria is somewhat fuller, not to the point of being too thin.

In fact, thin people are also prone to diseases affecting health such as bone problems, weakened immune system, anemia, …

According to the information posted on the personal page, it is known that Anastasia and Alexandria are vegetarians. They are vegan i.e. vegan.