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Admire the 10 most “flaming” Latin beauties in the world: Wild, liberal beauty

Not only beautiful and attractive in appearance, the 10 Latin beauties in the list below are also very talented. Whether participating in the field of modeling, film or singing, they have achieved certain successes and are loved by the audience.

Let’s meet 10 Latin beauties voted the hottest by Rich – a website specializing in synthesizing many unique topics – voted the hottest:

1. Camilla Belle

Not only has attractive acting ability, Camilla Belle also possesses a hot Latin beauty that is enough to make men’s hearts sob. The actress born in 1986 can speak 3 languages fluently: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

2. Odette Annable

The beauty of Odette Annaable is an interesting blend of many bloodlines: Cuban, Italian and French. The press once commented, without assessing the physique, just the face of the 30-year-old actress was enough to fascinate fans.

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is probably the youngest name on this list, but not so that the female singer’s beauty is inferior. Contrary to the salty beauty of her seniors, Selena Gomez is attracted by the body of a young woman in her twenties.

4. Gisele Bundchen

Up to this point, Gisele Bundchen is the most famous and successful Latin model. Not only beautiful, long-legged born in 1980 is also very talented when working as an actress, producer, and also has acumen in business.

All the work that Gisele Bundchen does bring her huge profits and she is also ranked in the top of the highest earning models in the world.

5. Shakira

Shakira is considered one of the hottest Latin artists in the music world. She mesmerized her fans with her skillful hip movements on stage and they have become a “specialty” of Shakira’s brand.

6. Sofia Vergara

Colombian beauty is a familiar name in the world beauty rankings. Born in 1972, but every time she appears at the event, she is still like a magnet attracting public opinion because of her eye-catching and fiery appearance.

7. Penelope Cruz

This year is 45 years old, but the beauty of actress Penelope Cruz is not inferior to any beauties, still fiery, still charming and full of life.

8. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is of mixed Latino descent, her father is of Mexican descent, while her mother is French and Danish. Thanks to that, the actress born in 1981 has an impressive hybrid beauty with healthy skin, attractive face and super sexy body.

Despite having gone through two births, Jessica Alba still retains her teenage curves and often receives invitations to take photos of swimsuits and lingerie.

9. Adriana Lima

Hardly anyone can deny the beauty as well as the heat of the Brazilian beauty – Adriana Lima. The mother of two children is the typical beauty of Latin women – fiery, wild and extremely seductive. She is also one of the “nail” faces of Victoria’s Secret lingerie angels for about 15 years.

10. Adriana Vasini

This beauty from Venezuela is the winner of Miss Latin America 2009. Her beauty can be said to represent the country and is hard to compete with.