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Admire the beauty of the most mysterious princess of Brunei: Ten thousand people

Karraminah Clarisse, also known as KC Del Rosario, is the epitome of a modern-day princess. She is the daughter of Evangeline del Rosario and may be a descendant of the Bruneian royal family as her mother was married to Brunei Prince Jefri Bolkiah. Prince Jefri Bolkiah, who has five wives and 18 children, is the younger brother of King Hassanal Bolkiah.

Karraminah is said to be the half-sister of Prince Faiq Bolkiah.

However, until now, whether Karraminah Clarisse is really the princess of Brunei has not been confirmed. If that’s true, she is the half-sister of Prince Faiq Bolkiah – the captain of the Brunei U23 team that attended the recent Asian U23 qualifier.

When asked by the media about the Brunei royal family, Karraminah often avoids answering. She only said that about 2-3 months she returned to Brunei to visit her home. “It’s good to meet my dad and everyone in the family. I often go there to participate in polo tournaments and meet friends. I can’t explain much but I love my little Brunei,” Karraminah shared.

Possessing more beauty than others and a luxurious charisma that few people can match, Karraminah is said to be a fashion icon. Karraminah’s Instagram account attracts more than 132,000 followers. Her posts are all inspired by the royal family of Brunei and are always associated with many world famous fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Versace, Chanel, Off-White, Balenciaga, Rodarte, Margiela, Christopher Kane, Dior.

Despite her royal lineage, Karraminah remains a modest young woman. Regardless of contact with anyone, strangers or acquaintances, Karraminah is always cheerful, gentle, never showing her identity. That’s why many people were surprised to know she was a princess.

Based on photos posted on Instagram, many people think that Karraminah is a famous, frivolous person, but that is not true. The young girl said that not everything in her life is “showed off” on social networks. In fact, she spends most of her free time at home.

Karraminah describes herself as an introvert but enjoys being around interesting people. Her friends are artists in the fashion or music industry and Karraminah loves being around them. “I can learn a lot from them. I will stay at home all day if I don’t have to go out. I love my bed, it’s a magical place,” the beautiful princess said.

Despite being a world citizen, Karraminah found herself a mansion in Manila. She likes this city because from here it is easy to reach the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Karraminah said it was her family and friends that made her love the country more.

The followers of Karraminah on social networks are completely overwhelmed by the luxurious and luxurious life of the mysterious princess. In addition to the mansion in Manila, she also owns many expensive supercars. In Brunei, her family also has extremely majestic villas and resorts.

Karraminah has a strong love for filmmaking and fashion. She graduated from Raffles Institute of Design and Central Saint Martins School of Fashion. “For now, I want to focus on filmmaking. I want to make art films, fashion films and short films. I love fashion but haven’t thought of launching my own brand,” Karraminah said.

There are many articles written about Karraminah’s personal style and legendary wardrobe, which is filled with clothes by international and local designers. Karraminah is so well dressed that every time she posts a photo on Instagram, it looks like a magazine photo.

Besides her body, beauty and wealth, Karraminah attracted the most attention to the public with rumors that she was the third person to break the family of the former Philippine president’s nephew. This man was so enamored with Karraminah’s beauty that he left his wife to pursue her. However, she kept quiet when asked about this incident. Currently, Princess Karraminah is pursuing a career in acting and modeling. Her identity and private life are still a mystery that many people are interested in.