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Two beautiful brazil sisters playing volleyball make Neymar enamored: Reject soccer superstar

Neymar continues to show himself as a true “hunter” on the scene. After a series of models, actors, now this 31-year-old star has switched to “saw” volleyball players.

But the strange thing is that this time, Neymar decided to “saw both” when he sent a message to swing two Brazilian volleyball star sisters, Key Alves and Keyt Alves. These are the two beauties of the Samba volleyball village because they possess hot beauty and good-looking faces.

On a TV talk show, Key Alves revealed that Neymar was molested: “He talked to my twin sister and asked her out on a date. Then she started dating, but he stopped. What did he do? He turned to me. Neymar texted me.

I was about to finish the story, didn’t want to say anything more to him when he invited both my sisters. Do you know what he said to me? It’s like he wants both of us.”

The MC of the show exclaimed “It’s disgusting”. Neymar’s story is being discussed. However, information experts have not been able to verify these shares. All still from only one side Key Alves.

Many sources believe that with a hot character on social networks like Key Alves (who has millions of Instagram followers), she absolutely has a way to make herself even more famous, earn even more money when linking herself to others. Super star.

And remember, outside of his main job as a volleyball player, Key Alves is also very prominent with a series of sex scandals in Brazil. In particular, this girl is also a model on “cool” websites. Therefore, it still needs time to verify the information that Alves gives.

The hot beauty of the Alves sisters