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Female DJ with two Thai-Belgian bloodlines fascinates others at first sight: Charming with personality tattoos

The blend of East – West meets the standard of appearance to help this girl and other hybrid beauties stand out.

Girls with mixed blood often attract the attention of those around them because of their outstanding appearance. Thailand is home to many beauties who are hybrids, even this is an advantage to help them get more attention. In the mid-20th century, the number of hybrids in Thailand increased significantly and became increasingly popular.

In particular, if they are white hybrids, they are even more concerned because of their appearance characteristics that match the beauty standards in the land of the golden pagodas.

For example, white skin, big eyes. Thai people also love white skin. They see it as a symbol of the noble and dignified quality of a woman. Many people have tried to change their skin color thanks to whitening products or cosmetic interventions. There are even messages like the whiter the better.

Asean Now forum members once commented on girls with many bloodlines that beautiful looks are an advantage to help them appear on TV, be a model or an actress.

Someone added, many Thai people love hybrid babies because of their lovely appearance. They think that when they grow up they will become famous. However, others also confirmed that the favor will only be for those who are white.

In addition, Thai people are also quite fond of thin body models. Besides, the influence of K-Pop on young Thai people makes them want to be slimmer. Of course, this also has two sides when people defy just to be whiter, thinner.

The girls below are the emerging hybrid beauties in the Thai entertainment industry. She has both popular physical features, and on the other hand is also comfortable showing the difference.

Riviere is a Thai-Belgian DJ. Besides playing music, she also released several albums. Undeniably beautiful appearance is the reason for Riviere’s attention. Rose white skin, sharp face is her advantage.

In addition, Riviere is not thin in the “weak willow” style but still has its own fullness. In particular, Riviere also has large tattoos. In Thailand, tattoos related to religion are accepted, but artistic tattoos are not necessarily supported.

Not only has a lovely appearance, DJ Riviere also possesses an impressive fashion style. The beauty does not follow a stereotype but is comfortable in the options that bring diverse images.

DJ Riviere has a tattoo on his side and especially a large wolf on his back. Depending on the outfit, she will reveal the tattoo that pops up and down. The ribs and back are considered two prime locations for tattooing.

Besides, she has another tattoo on her back. This tattoo is not easy to see because it is often hidden by clothing, but the half-open look is even more noticeable.

When participating in music events DJ Riviere often chooses flattering outfits. Besides the ability to play music, the style of dress is also one of the attractions and imprints of DJs.

The Thai-Belgian DJ is also outstanding with a beautiful figure that makes it easy for her to wear many types of costumes, towards a colorful image. Sometimes sexy, sometimes feminine, sometimes dynamic.

The level of popularity available along with a beautiful appearance and impressive physique also helps DJ Riviere receive a number of advertising invitations and model photography.