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The beauty of Argentina’s beauty is hot and fiery: Representing the beauty of the country

On January 5, the 26-year-old beauty was praised by many spectators for her transparent makeup when participating in activities within the framework of the contest, which took place in New Orleans, USA.

Barbara Cabrera has been active in the fashion industry for eight years, participating in many advertising campaigns, performing at fashion weeks. In 2020, she catwalks at New York Fashion Week.

In addition, Barbara Cabrera business, has her own clothing brand. Beauty model for jewelry collection.

According to Gente, Barbara Cabrera has been passionate about fashion since childhood because her mother is a hair stylist. As a child, she often modeled for her mother at hairdressing contests and shows.

Barbara Cabrera has a knack for classical dance and figure skating. Barbara Cabrera is 1.74 m tall with three-round measurements of 86-62-90.

The beauty wore a height-enhancing outfit when she visited Qatar late last year, she watched all of Argentina’s matches at the World Cup.

The beauty jogs, exercises at home gym to get in shape and fitness. She limits snacking, eating only red meat once a week.

Barbara Cabrera said she has been independent since the age of 18 and also wants to meet a man who is independent, mature, older than her. The beauty likes smart, wise men who can answer her questions on many issues.