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This is the only country with a surplus of the most beautiful women in Europe, men are allowed to take 10 wives

While the gender imbalance because the number of men is more than women in the world is increasingly serious, in this European country with many beauty queens and top models, there are still hundreds of thousands of unique beautiful women. close.

Latvia is one of three Baltic states that were members of the former Soviet Union. After separating from the Soviet Union, Latvia became a small country with a population of only about 2.2 million people.

Latvia’s European architectural beauty (photo: Gossein)

The majority of Latvia’s population are women. When walking on the streets of Latvia, you will see more women than men. You may feel a bit “suffocated” because Latvian women are often very beautiful, attractive with mixed Russian blood.

The ratio of models, female beauty queens per capita in Latvia is the highest in the world. Using the word “beautiful disaster” for Latvia is also quite appropriate, Inf News commented.

The Baltic Sea tribes arrived in Latvia around 1,000 BC. Then the Germans, Jews, especially the large Russian community also set foot here.

Latvian women therefore have a blend of beauty from many countries, featuring natural blonde, gray or light brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure and white skin.

Many people commented that Latvian girls have fairy-tale beauty, attractive blue eyes that stand out on their blushing faces and soft, shiny hair that make it difficult for the opposite person to take their eyes off. Latvia always ranks high in the world beauty polls.

According to data from Latvia’s Central Bureau of Statistics, at the beginning of 2020, the population of this country is more than 1.9 million people, of which men make up 46% of the population, and women make up 54%. This data shows that Latvia is experiencing the most serious population imbalance in the world when there are more women than men. In particular, men in Latvia tend to prefer being single rather than married.

The population density in Latvia is 36 persons per square kilometer. Apart from the capital Riga, Latvia has almost no major cities. The country has a lot of abandoned land, although the area is about 64,000 square kilometers.

To solve this situation, some opinions suggest that the Latvian government should implement polygamy or allow women to marry same-sex. However, the Latvian government rejected the above proposals, citing “protection of Latvia’s healthy family relationships”.

More and more websites are set up to broker Latvian “brides” to marry foreigners. The Latvian government is committed to quickly and amicably resolving this issue. In 2007, a bill in Latvia caused a stir around the world by allowing a man to have 10 wives. This bill has never been passed.

The news that Latvia allows a man to take 10 wives is fake news, Inf News confirmed. Latvia may be a “men’s paradise” but that doesn’t mean you can live like an emperor with 5 wives and 7 concubines here.

Latvia is one of the few European countries that firmly does not support same-sex marriage. This country always “lost” after the polls on gay rights of the European Organization for LGBT Advocacy.

The cause of the severe gender imbalance in Latvia is war. Several hundred years before World War II, Latvia was already a country without men after the sweeps of Tsarist Russia. In 1721, Peter the Great was crowned Tsar of Russia. He organized many conquests throughout the Baltic Sea. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania shared the fate of being invaded by Russia. Many men in Latvia died on the battlefield.

In addition, the tendency of Latvian men to prefer celibacy is also the cause of the gender imbalance. The average life expectancy of Latvian women is much higher than that of men. Like most countries in Europe, Latvia practices monogamy. The news that Latvia allows polygamy seems to have been intentionally spread on various websites to attract male tourists to the country.

Latvians mainly believe in Catholicism. Belief in the commandments of this religion is the reason why many Latvians cannot accept polygamy. In 2004, Latvia joined the European Union (EU). The feminist ideology of many European countries such as Germany and France affects Latvian women and they cannot agree with men having more than one wife.

According to the Legatan Research Institute, Latvia currently ranks 35th in the world on the Prosperity Index (WNI). Feedback from many people who are studying or traveling in Latvia said that most of the girls in this country are very good-looking but have the arrogance and coldness of the Nordic people. Not only beautiful, Latvia’s beauties also have a high level of education. Compared to other countries, Latvian women are the role models many men dream of. Every year, this country welcomes a lot of foreign young people to visit and find a wife.

Since Latvia joined the EU, many male tourists from all over Europe have visited the country. They do not come for tourism, sightseeing or shopping, but mainly to find a wife or experience the nightclubs in Latvia. The nightclub business in Latvia is very “prosperous”. The Latvian government has promised to “fix” nightclubs in the capital Riga but has not done much.