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Israel – The country with the most beautiful, hot female soldiers in the world

Israel is one of the few countries in the world that requires women to do military service and the uniforms can’t detract but also enhance the beauty of these female soldiers.

In Israel, both men and women have to perform compulsory military service, in which the military service period for men is 3 years and women is 2 years.

Women soldiers can serve in offices, hospitals, and training facilities, but many choose to serve in combat units.

On many forums, netizens often share outstanding faces, praising the beauty of military roses. Many of the girls, including models and influencers, are noticed online.

Female photographer Mayan Toledano, used to live in Tel Aviv, Israel. She moved to New York, USA 6 years ago and recently, she published photos of beautiful female soldiers in the Israeli army.

The series of photos was taken by her while in the army at the Israel Air Force Aviation Academy. Mayan wanted to show others the beauty and many things hidden behind the uniforms of female Israeli soldiers.

The female photographer said that the military uniform made her feel like she lost her femininity and freedom, while she always wanted to do artistic work or simply be free like many other 18-year-old girls. . She doesn’t like life in the military, but she appreciates the solidarity of female soldiers. At the same time, this is also the time when she meets many new friends from all over the country.

Women’s military service dates back to before the birth of the state of Israel, when women made up 20% of the militias.

The female-participated militias prior to the formation of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were Shomer and Hagana.

During World War II, about 4,000 women volunteered to join the British support force.

The time to perform military service for women in Israel is 24 months, but there are still some cases where women are exempted from military service for reasons of religious beliefs, marriage, pregnancy or motherhood.