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Thai beauties fascinate others at first sight: Honey cake skin, liberal appearance

The title of Miss Supranational Thailand 2022 named Praewwanich Ruangthong, 28 years old, a famous model and MC in her hometown.

In the final night of Miss Supranational Thailand – Miss Supranational Thailand 2022 taking place on the evening of May 20, surpassing many heavyweights, beautiful Praewwanich Ruangthong was crowned the highest.

She broke down in emotion when she was crowned by the reigning Miss Supranational Chanique Rabe and awarded a cash prize of 500,000 baht.

The victory of the 28-year-old girl convinced the majority of the audience. Before G, Praewwanich Ruangthong was evaluated by beauty experts as the number one potential seed for the crown.

Praewwanich Ruangthong is a familiar face of Thai beauty fans. She was once expected to be crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2020 but ended up at 3rd runner-up. In 2018, the beauty enrolled in Miss World Thailand and was named 1st runner-up. Recently, she reached the top 15 of the Miss Grand Slam 2022 poll. This has proved the great attraction of this beauty in the international arena.

Praewwanich Ruangthong was born in Chumphon province in a family with a poor background. After graduating from Prince of Songkla University in Arts and Management, she pursued a career as a model and TV host. Her strength is her flexible approach, smart way of handling situations.

With Thai beauty, Ruangthong impresses with a face with harmonious lines, a bright smile, healthy skin and a well-proportioned figure. She is 1.72 m tall and weighs about 50 kg. Miss pursues a sexy and liberal image.

In the Miss Supranational Thailand 2022 contest, Ruangthong also received the Supra Factor sub-award – the contestant who performed the sexiest bikini show. Her rewards include watches and vouchers worth 10,000 baht.

Ruangthong once shared that becoming a beauty queen is her greatest desire and dream. Therefore, even though she was the runner-up of the two biggest beauty pageants in Thailand, Ruangthong continued to participate in another contest with the goal of winning the crown.

After each contest, Ruangthong expressed that she was more mature and brave. Not only confidently standing on the stage, she is also ready to impart her experience to young girls who plan to compete in Miss Universe.