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Admire the “Blonde Princess” face as beautiful as the soul: Skin as white as snow, hair as shiny as the sun

Jessie Vard was born in 1999, is a very hot name in the land of the Golden Temple. The model with two Thai-Irish bloodlines currently lives in Bangkok and is making people crazy with her hot body and beautiful angelic face.

Jessie is a freelance model, she often takes pictures with sexy and seductive concepts. White skin, high nose bridge, bouncy blonde hair and 3 standard rings have made this girl’s signature brand.

Many people think that Jessie Vard has the potential to become a new star in the Thai entertainment industry.

4 years ago, when she was not 18 years old, Jessie Vard was considered the number 1 internet phenomenon in Asia with the title “goddess of escaping from the world”.

Since then, her name has gone beyond the boundaries of the land of the Golden Temple, famous throughout Asia. Jessie Vard became a lingerie model named by many brands.

Jessie Vard’s life after many years has changed. After a series of scandals about publicity of plastic surgery, gay love, and legal problems because of poor clothes inviting football betting, Jessie Vard changed dramatically in style.

She was also somewhat rebellious when she bought herself a tattoo. Jessie Vard is not afraid to share pictures of her colorful everyday life. Jessie Vard hardly needs to make an effort to keep the image of a hot girl with angelic beauty and little personal life.

After so many years, her hotness has not decreased. Her Facebook has 2.6 million followers and that number on Instagram is 850,000.

‘Each posted image attracts tens of thousands of likes. No longer slim, slim figure as before, Jessie Vard is fuller and sexier. The current “Thai goddess” has broken up with her same-sex lover and is happy with a single life.