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The beautiful appearance of the 1.97 m high volleyball beauty: Sweet, seductive, not inferior to Miss Sweet, seductive, not inferior to Miss

Zehra Gunes is a member of Turkey’s volleyball team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She attracts attention thanks to her talent, beautiful face and outstanding height of 1.97 m.

Gunes was born in 1999 in Istanbul, won the “Special Prize” of Vestel Venus Sultans 2017 – Turkey’s top volleyball tournament, the title of “Excellent saver” at the Women’s Volleyball World Championships. U18 (2015) and U20 (2017) in Mexico.

Athletes are attracted by their delicate, lovely faces, harmonious and natural lines.

She pursues a simple style of wearing with basic items such as shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and gold jewelry. The designs she favors often have body-hugging shapes, cut in moderation showing off the waist, chest and legs.

The fashion style is simple but no less sexy to the heart of Turkish female athletes. Highly practical, not outdated items such as t-shirts, jeans or bucket hats are cleverly color coordinated by Zehra Güneş to make the overall stand out.

When wearing wide crop tops, you should choose tight jeans or loose-fitting shoes combined with sneakers to increase the dynamism.