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The most beautiful daughter of billionaire Steve Jobs: Perfect beauty like a goddess, very good at studying

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) – co-founder of Apple – was once the most famous and influential billionaire in the world’s computer industry. The former Apple chairman has 4 children and all 4 of them once shunned the media’s lens with a rich but secretive life behind the “golden gate”.

However, recently, the youngest daughter of the Jobs family – Eve Jobs suddenly came into the light, making the public admire about the young daughter who is considered the most beautiful of the four children.

The beautiful youngest daughter of the Steve Jobs family – Eve Jobs. Her father passed away when she was 13 years old

Eve Jobs was born on May 22, 1998, because her parents are both famous businessmen in the world, Eve inherited the family’s dominant gene with excellent academic achievement and a strong and steadfast nature. his father. The girl used to attend the world’s top prestigious school – Stanford (USA).

The legendary Steve Jobs once commented that the youngest daughter is a very intelligent and sensitive person. She is also the most cherished child by her father. The billionaire even joked that Eve, if she didn’t grow up to be the president of the United States, would also become the CEO of Apple. Daughter is really the one who receives a lot of expectations and trust from her father.

Eve’s goddess-like beauty – the son Steve Jobs most expected

In addition, the brilliant beauty at the age of 24 of the daughter of the Jobs family is also something that always helps her take the spotlight whenever she appears in front of the media. Possessing an escapist beauty with white skin, dreamy eyes that are like a muse in photos and a very cold charisma, Eve receives many invitations to be an advertisement model or take a photo of a magazine.

It is known that the young girl recently agreed to be the representative image of a popular lipstick brand Glossier. On Instagram on December 7, she posted an image of herself wearing lipstick and an eye mask while soaking in the bathtub. “A big thank you to everyone at Glossier. Come see the new collection with me,” Eve wrote.

Eve has just received the advertising contract for the Glossier lipstick line

Eve’s everyday but still outstanding images

Born into the most famous family in the United States, it is not difficult to understand that Eve has been cared for since she was a child. The girl is protected by her parents as a family treasure.

On his Instagram, the pictures of checking-in luxury yachts and luxury million-dollar hotels around the world are posted as much as meals, clothes, designer bags… “ornament” for this beautiful princess.

Growing up in velvet, the girl often travels all over the world

More specifically, in recent years, Eve Jobs also made the public stir when regularly posting extremely attractive and impressive images on horseback.

Yes, the daughter of the Jobs family has a great passion for the sport of jokes, which is only for the rich children – horseback riding, even with remarkable achievements.

Laurene Powell – Eve’s mother once bought a $15 million farm in Wellington for her daughter to exercise comfortably. The daughter of the Jobs family always holds the nickname “goddess on horseback” because of the beautiful moments when playing this expensive sport.

The goddess on horseback is probably none other than Eve Jobs

As a famous and talented equestrian, Eve Jobs has participated in many international tournaments and brought home many awards. The talented girl is ranked in the top 5 of the best riders in the world under the age of 25, according to Horse Sport. The daughter of Bill Gates and a number of other billionaires also pursued this subject, but were “taken down” at the hands of Eve Jobs.

The daughter of the Jobs family rides a very “top” horse

“I’ve been on horseback since I was 2 years old. Riding made me independent, persistent, humble and dedicated. Those are valuable lessons that I can apply in my own life. “, the daughter shared.