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The beauty of the 20-year-old model made Leonardo DiCaprio so crazy that he abandoned Gigi Hadid and was criticized by the online community

The international media is buzzing before the image of Leonardo DiCaprio appearing with model Eden Polani at a music event.

On February 3, the Daily Mail published a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio appearing close to the 19-year-old Israeli model named Eden Polani. It is known that the photo was taken from the launch party of singer Ebony Riley’s new music product.

The image raises the suspicion that Leo is dating Israeli model – Eden Polani

Close-up of Eden Polani .’s face

Not long after, The Jerusalem Post (Israel) published a suspicion that the Titanic actor was dating Eden Polani, causing a stir in the online community.

Eden Polani is currently an extremely promising face in the fashion industry, with nearly 200,000 followers on her personal Instagram page. The Daily Mail commented that Eden has a similar appearance to actress Victoria Lamas – Leo’s recent rumored love. Besides, Eden possesses a goddess-like charm, making it difficult for the audience to take their eyes off.

Soon after, the social network “exploded”. Leonardo DiCaprio was fiercely criticized by the online community. They can’t accept the fact that the 7X actor has a relationship with a girl of his age. Many people also point to the age difference equivalent to actors David Harbor (47 years old) and Millie Bobby Brown (18 years old) – playing the role of adoptive father and son in the series Stranger Things.

A part of netizens expressed a heavier attitude when accusing Leonardo of “hunting” young girls. Someone said they had “goosebumps” when they read the news.

”If nearly 50 years old Leonardo DiCaprio is dating a teenager, he is a real sex predator”, ”His new girlfriend was born 6 years after Titanic’s release”, ”I’m the same age as her and my parents are younger than him”, ”I was completely taken aback, my jaw almost hit the ground”, ”DiCaprio’s girlfriend is too young”, ”Who could you please explain to me what a man near 50 years old and a young man 19 years old have in common?”… are the comments left on Twitter.

In response to netizens’ reactions, an insider confirmed to Page Six that there was no dating, what people saw was just a coincidence.

”There is no truth to this. He sat next to Polani at the music party with many others. It’s silly. Leo obviously can’t date every girl he’s in the same room with,” the source said.

Eden Polani was born on March 21, 2003 in Paris (France), now lives in Los Angeles (USA). She has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram – an increase of nearly 20,000 following the news of her dating Leonardo. This social network account is currently locked.

The beauty is said to have roots in Israel. She has appeared on many magazine covers in this country, including Israel. Currently, she is a professional model under the management of ITM Model Management.

Before being questioned about dating the Oscar-winning actor, Polani was in a relationship with Gil Ofer (31 years old) – son of Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As for Leo, he got 3 dating news in the past few months. In addition to Eden, the Titanic actor is also said to be in love with Gigi Hadid and actress Victoria Lamas. Accordingly, Leo was suspected of dating Victoria while in the process of getting to know Gigi, making it extremely difficult for the public to understand.

In the past few months, Leo has been in love with Victoria Lamas…

… and Gigi Hadid

Page Six said, Gigi doesn’t care much about Leo and Victoria’s information because the beauty doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with the actor, and her biggest concern right now is her daughter.