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Netizens “fever” because the French actress is as beautiful as a princess coming out of a fairy tale

The beauty of the French beauties makes people stop to look and exclaim because of her beauty like a princess in a fairy tale.

Léa Seydoux was born in 1985 in Passy, Paris, France. She is known as an actress. She started acting in 2006 and has been 17 years now.

Image of Léa Seydoux in the French film “Beauty and the Beast”.

People know Léa Seydoux through films such as “The Beautiful Person”, “La Belle et la Béte”, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, “007 Spectre”,… Not only beautiful, acting. well, Léa Seydoux is also remembered for having a prestigious background.

Léa Seydoux’s horror image in the French version of the movie “Beauty and the Beast”.

Her father is the founder and CEO of the French wireless company Parrot. Léa Seydouxo is also the granddaughter of Jérôme Seydoux – president of Pathé and Nicolas Seydoux – president and CEO of Gaumont. Pathé was once the largest film equipment manufacturer in the world. Gaumont is the oldest studio in the world still active in the film industry.

Undeniably French beauty is the factor that helps Léa Seydoux receive a lot of attention. Netizens also noticed her. When the image of Léa Seydoux was posted on the internet, social media users did not regret complimenting her goddess-like beauty.

Beauty and the Beast is about Belle, a beautiful young woman who accepts her father as a substitute for her father who is imprisoned in an isolated castle for offending her master. That master was a beast with a terrifying appearance, but was actually a monarch who had been cursed because of a mistake he had made in the past.

Over time living together in the castle, the relationship between Belle and the boss gradually turns into a beautiful love that transcends the boundaries of appearance, thereby breaking the other curse.

At the age of U40, Léa Seydoux still retains her dreamlike beauty. The girl born in 1985 had the opportunity to meet singers like Mick Jagger, Lou Reed or designer Christian Louboutin since childhood. However, the divorce of her parents when Seydoux was three years old left a huge rift in her childhood memories. She once reminisced about this time: “My parents were often away and made me feel lonely and lost in the crowd. I always felt like I was an orphan.”

Despite the family’s many connections, Léa Seydoux never thought about pursuing the seventh art as a child. Her passion is to be a chamber singer and that’s why she enrolled at the Conservatoire de Paris. But after a while, Seydoux realized he was not suitable for opera. At the age of 18, she decided to study acting to… impress a guy.