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The island in the middle of the Indian Ocean has not been in contact with modern civilization for 55,000 years, maintaining a primitive state of life

This mysterious island called North Sentinel, one of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, is the most special of all the Daman Islands, on which is inhabited by a primitive tribe, they refuse to communicate with all civilizations outside and strong against all who approach the island.

North Sentinel Island showing up on Google Maps

The Indian government has made every effort to contact the inhabitants of the island, so far, the only friendly exchange with the tribe began in 1991. Scholar TN and his team brought a number of gifts to the inhabitants. islanders, in the hope of establishing a good relationship with them.

That was the only time the islanders did not confront the tourists.

The aboriginal inhabitants of North Sentinel Island struggle to resist all kinds of visits from the outside world.

Many scholars believe that objective reality shows that if tourists forcefully enter the island, not only the lives of tourists are in danger but also very dangerous for island residents. They have lived on the island for generations and have no resistance to bacteria from the outside world.

After that visit in 1991, the Indian government stopped all other delegations from visiting the island and they concluded that the tribe was growing healthy and they did not need any disturbance from the outside.

The Sentinels still lived a hunter-gatherer life, used bows and arrows for hunting and did not show any signs of agricultural civilization, but with traces of metal and fire, their population is estimated to be 40 to 500 people. The indigenous people on this island are quite short, they are thin and black.

Language is a barrier that makes this tribe completely unable to communicate with the outside world. It is extremely special and seems unlike any other human language.

They do not welcome any tourists who want to explore their island and often treat them with bows and spears, and even attack helicopters with bows.

The earliest modern human contact with the island was probably during the late summer monsoon of 1867. The Indian merchant ship Nineveh veered off course and collided with the coral reefs surrounding Sentinel Island.

At least 100 passengers survived the crash and continued to explore the island, unaware that an angry tribe would attack them just three days after arrival.

Dozens of islanders used bows and arrows to attack the crew members and passengers who had to defend themselves with sticks and stones. The captain must then seek help and contact a navy ship that will eventually arrive on the island to save the remaining passengers.