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Hot, brilliant beauty of Colombian beauties: “The Mermaid” is wild, enchanting sailors

Beauty María Fernanda Aitizábal, who has just been appointed as Miss Universe Colombia 2022, has a hot beauty with a height of 1m75.

Beauty María Fernanda Aitizábal was appointed as Miss Universe Colombia 2022 with a hot beauty, 1m75 height.

María Fernanda Aitizábal was crowned Miss Colombia 2019 and planned to compete internationally in 2020. However, the Miss Colombia organization lost the Miss Universe copyright to Miss Universe Colombia.

María Fernanda Aitizábal was born in 1997 in Armenia, Quindío, to a Spanish mother. The beauty has a sharp face, shiny blonde hair, a well-proportioned body with a height of 1m75.

She studied Social Media. After graduating in 2019, María Fernanda Aristizábal tried her hand at beauty contests and became a fashion model.

At the Miss Colombia 2019 pageant, she received a sub-prize for the contestant with the best body.

On beauty forums, many viewers predicted that Aristizábal was one of the potential candidates for the crown in competitions.

Recently, she reached the top 20 Miss of Misses voted by prestigious sites in the world.