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The real-life divine beauty of the “goddess” in the game makes the world’s men stand still with just 21 seconds

Savanna Blade was born on May 14, 1999 in Canada. She is well known through her online game advertising video. Only 21 seconds but enough to make others fall in love.

Lucky to be born with a beautiful face, long smooth hair, admirable height and standard body proportions without adjustment, Savanna Blade – a model from Canada has caught the eye of countless brands. advertisement.

The most prominent and successful achievement in her advertising career so far has to be a new game ad released in February 2017.

With just a few short seconds, Savanna has “knocked” viewers with her surreal beauty and super fairy aura. As soon as it was posted on Instagram, the ad was widely shared, and netizens therefore became crazy about the beautiful white dress goddess.

In the advertisement above, she wears prosthetic ears to transform into a person of the fictional elf race. Blonde hair, pointed ears accentuated her white skin, beautiful, unreal like a pure spirit in the story. The model wears a two-piece dress that is cut-out at the waist and navel.

The online community quickly found out information about this beautiful model. It is known that Savanna is studying acting at a high school in Edmonton – Canada. Although young, she soon proved to be an artistically gifted, multi-talented in many fields such as writing, acting and dancing.

She operates mainly in the Chinese market, so she is very famous in this country. In addition, Savanna Blade has also developed a career in Korea, Singapore and Japan when they all have management companies in these countries.

With the body of a crane, 9X quickly attracted the attention of fashion and cosmetic brands. Many people think that Savanna’s charisma through the photos is too attractive, far beyond her age.

Canadian beauty is 1m78 tall with measurements of 81 – 58 – 88cm. Savanna Blade stands out with light brown hair and a very attractive blue eye color. Because of this special appearance, she received more and more attention in Asian countries.

Although after a “hot” time thanks to game advertising, the name Savanna Bladen is no longer mentioned much, but the Canadian model is still active. In addition, she studied Engineering Physics at the University of Toronto.

When shooting fashion, Savanna Bladen experimented with many different styles, she always tried to transform to best fit the concept set out so her image was never boring.

As a model, Savanna Bladen has an impressive fashion sense, interweaving many styles from dynamic and youthful to sexy and seductive. Especially, they are very different from her online game creation, so many people will find it new and surprised.

Thanks to the innocent image mixed with a bit of charm that has been built before, this long leg has become a familiar partner of wedding dress brands. Although born in the West, she often likes and suits the clear makeup style of Asian women. Fan said that she was more or less affected by working in China for a long time.

For many years, the model has maintained her weight at 46 kg. In addition to activities in the modeling village, she also participates in writing books, working as a gymnastics coach… She has had a passion for ballet since she was 8 years old.

With blue eyes, white skin, Savanna often makes many people think she is a “real life doll”. In order not to create boredom, the girl from Canada often changes many different short and long hairstyles. However, Savanna’s short chestnut brown hair is still the most enthusiastically supported by fans because it helps her look younger and more innocent.