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Sexy, seductive style of Korean plus-size models: Being sick is not the prettiest

Sarah Kim (Korean American) is a famous model and influencer on social networks. She is known to many people through videos sharing the process and experience of pursuing her passion of becoming a professional model.

Sarah Kim grew up in New York, USA. After finishing high school, she returned to Korea to study at university, majoring in International Trade and English.

She successfully built a personal brand on Instagram and blog channel. Kim has signed with two modeling agencies, Muse Models NYC and Model 1 (based in London, UK).

Sarah Kim has a height of 1.70 m and weighs about 68 kg. She impresses with her confidence and charming style.

The Korean-born star is invited by many brands to cooperate in advertising such as Adanola, Hvisk, Fashion Nova Curve, Misspap, MPG Sports…

In an interview with The Garnette Report, Kim said as a child she struggled to find her passion. She is fascinated by things related to art such as photography, filming, painting, music… Growing up, she is also interested in humanitarian activities, wanting to help children in need.

Currently, Kim’s personal Instagram page has more than 160,000 followers.

She always shares images and stories that inspire people. “I have worked with amazing people as a model. They have taught me a lot and some have become close friends. I think the most important thing is to be eager to learn and to have a humble attitude. When it comes to a casting, a photo shoot or any meeting, I’m always ready to be edited and taught more things,” Kim shared.

Sarah Kim said that the two years of the pandemic were a period of stagnation in her career, but also the happiest period of her life. “During the stressful months because of the lockdown, I had the most fun time. It was the time when my family got together and healed the rift. We shared a ‘first’ moment, together. cry, laugh and talk about each other’s childhood details,” she said.

As an inspiration, Sarah Kim encourages young people to dare to follow their dreams and not be afraid of failure. She thinks it’s better to fail at a young age. “Book your dream trip, date someone you like, move to a new city. Do the things you fear, because they’re worth it.”