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Beauty like Venus of a beauty from Germany: Perfect face, enchanting body

Alexa Breit (born 1999) is a model, famous social network influencer. The German girl attracts millions of followers when she often shares pictures of bikinis and outfits showing off her hot curves.

Alexa is best known as a fashion model. She has collaborated with many famous brands.

Currently, her personal Instagram page has 1.3 million followers, including many fans from different countries around the world. Her pictures are also widely shared on social networking forums.

Before becoming a photo model, Alexa dreamed of becoming a physiotherapist. However, after graduating from a local private school, she became a social media phenomenon and made money from promoting her personal image.

With great influence, she has the opportunity to cooperate and work in many different countries such as Italy, USA, Spain…

Alexa received many compliments for her beautiful angelic face, bouncy hair and charming smile, sweet expression.

The 22-year-old model loves travel and sports. She often shows off check-in photos at high-class resorts, visiting world-famous places. Most of her trips are travel combined with modeling work.

Besides modeling photos, Alexa also set up a vlog channel about ASMR content – chatting, creating sounds that bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to viewers. Building on topics related to travel, lifestyle and fashion, she attracts more than 22,000 subscribers on this channel.

Alexa is an internet star that is tight-lipped about her private life. She mainly appears alone in the pictures posted on her personal page. The beauty born in 1999 also rarely shares about her family, personal information or love story.