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Ukrainian beauties with fiery and daring looks: Different from the usual angelic beauty of women in this country

Mariia Arsentieva (born 1995) is a social media star from Ukraine. She started building a career as a lingerie model. The model attracts a large number of followers when sharing a series of sexy images on her personal page.

Starting to post the first photos in 2014, Mariia’s personal Instagram page has more than 612,000 followers, the number is constantly increasing. She not only attracts fans at home, but also is loved by many international netizens.

Mariia has an attractive appearance with outstanding height, well-proportioned body, bouncy blonde hair and sharp expression. The beauty born in 1995 once entered the final round of Miss Continental Europe 2018.

Besides her main job as a lingerie model, Mariia also built a personal vlog channel, regularly sharing clips on a short video streaming platform. Her personal channel currently has more than 60,000 subscribers. She mainly shares happy moments when at home, traveling or in photo shoots.

The Ukrainian model “burns the eyes” of viewers with pictures showing off her hot curves. She also likes to show off her personality with bold cut designs.

Mariina is very secretive about her private life, never sharing her love affairs or revealing her dating. She also rarely talks about family matters, one of the few information fans know is that she has a younger sister.

With great income from advertising contracts, famous models lead a luxurious life. She often travels around, stays at luxury resorts and enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.