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The secret behind the only ‘hair growth stone’ in the world was bought for more than one hundred million dong

Not only in China, but all over the internet, there is a buzz about a man who spent 7 million won (about 135 million dong) to own a ‘mysterious white hair stone’.

It is thought that hair only comes from animals, but recently, a stone with feathers was discovered in China, and the case of the person who actually bought the stone has been re-examined, attracting much attention. Chinese online media ‘kuaibao’ told the story of Tian Enhong, a man with a mysterious white hair stone.

Tian Enhong’s usual hobby was collecting stones, but in 1987, during a business trip to Laoshan, Shandong province, he accidentally found a stone that grew gray hair at a shop near East China Beach and decided to buy it.

The stone grows gray hair at a shop near East China Beach, Shandong, China.

When Tian Enhong saw the stone with mysterious gray hair resembling a human head, he was hypnotized and decided to buy it at all costs despite his wife’s anger. The price of the stone is very high, about 7 million won (equivalent to about 136 million VND), but because it is the first stone on Earth to have hair, Tian takes great care of it every day. Tian Enhong also confirmed that more and more hair grows out of the rock.

More and more hair grows out of the rock.

Tian was amazed at how the hair grew out of the stone despite never providing nutrients, and immediately decided to entrust the stone to a professional. In the laboratory, the experts observed bubbles forming when a small amount of liquid reached the edge of a stone hair, and concluded: “It consists of a substance similar to oxides, and people assumed it came from the sea.” As it turned out, the identity of the rock was not confirmed as a rock, but rather as a species of higher invertebrate that lives on the rock.

This is a creature that has existed since ancient times, believed to eat plankton by clinging to rocks or sea shells. The ‘tube’ is thin and long from the tip of the thorax with a white color that looks like hair. Moisture remains in the head tube so it looks like hair has grown even though it has not been supplied with nutrients.

Tian said he was surprised to learn the identity of the stone he bought. It was later learned that he donated the stone to the Chinese Institute of Science and Technology to use for in-depth research on this ancient sea creature.